Kimchi is a traditional Korean accoutrement. You know ... like sauerkraut or really, kinda like salsa. Every family has their own homemade version of kimchi. They eat it with everything. This recipe is another one we just know ... cabbage, carrots and green onions; red chili paste; garlic and ginger paste. Which means kimchi is [...]

Robbo and I are making sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage. Sauerkraut is delicious. Obviously you can eat it as a stand alone side serving or top your tacos or your hot dogs!!! That's The Best! Fermented foods are rich in probiotics ... the good bacteria we need in our gut. The benefits of probiotics deserves [...]

It's already been over 2 weeks since PaleoFX. PaleoFX is a 3 day event in Austin where the best of the best authors, bloggers, and podcasters of the paleo world give lectures, take selfies and sign books. There's a huge expo with paleo foods, protein bars / powders, bulletproof coffees, keto supplements, and all sorts [...]

I learned this from Robb Wolf ... Paleo and Keto GURU. He doesn't know this, but we are total besties. Well, My Robbo is besties with Robb and I'm besties with his wife, Nicki. (Yeah, crazy, right!?!? Rob and Niki x 2. {Head explodes!} So, follow Robb Wolf online, on Podcasts, on IG, wherever. And, [...]

Yes, I'm still talking about food. I hope you are continuing to eat well. Or maybe you've just joined us. Or maybe you have decided to be brave and are doing Whole 30 in March!!!!! (Raise your hands!!!) So, even though our W30 challenge has ended, I will continue to talk and share about food [...]

Day 31. Now what?You've accomplished an amazing feat. Share your success story. Big or little. Maybe your W30 didn't yield the results you were hoping for. Did you follow ALL the rules? Did you do W30 or W21? Are you recovering from multiple symptoms / complaints? Serious health issues? Sometimes you need more that 30 [...]

It's Valentine's DAY. I love Valentine's. I am a hopeless romantic. I love love. I see sunshine and rainbows in most people on most days. That's just how I'm wired. Valentine's Day is probably the most loved / hated holiday there is. I get it. Not everyone is sappy like I am. People have hurts. Valentine's Day [...]

Why are you doing this? Why are you doing Whole 30? What changes are you hoping to see? I honestly can't remember the first time I did Whole 30. I think this is my fourth of fifth time to go through W30. It gets easier. The reset is happens faster. It takes a few days [...]

One excuse I hear all the time is that eating healthy is expensive. Well .... it just depends. If you continue to buy all the W30 (or after W30, but still Paleo) snacks and prepared goods, they are more expensive. But, if you learn to eat whole foods and make pantry staple items, it can [...]

It's been a week. How are you feeling? What has been your biggest challenge? Black coffee? No dessert? Feeling hungry? Still snacking a lot? Craving dessert after dinner? Are you sleeping well? Having headaches? Skin breakouts? Remember that timeline I shared last week? This week might be tough. MOST PEOPLE GIVE UP AROUND DAY 10. [...]