It's Valentine's DAY. I love Valentine's. I am a hopeless romantic. I love love. I see sunshine and rainbows in most people on most days. That's just how I'm wired. Valentine's Day is probably the most loved / hated holiday there is. I get it. Not everyone is sappy like I am. People have hurts. Valentine's Day [...]

Why are you doing this? Why are you doing Whole 30? What changes are you hoping to see? I honestly can't remember the first time I did Whole 30. I think this is my fourth of fifth time to go through W30. It gets easier. The reset is happens faster. It takes a few days [...]

One excuse I hear all the time is that eating healthy is expensive. Well .... it just depends. If you continue to buy all the W30 (or after W30, but still Paleo) snacks and prepared goods, they are more expensive. But, if you learn to eat whole foods and make pantry staple items, it can [...]

It's been a week. How are you feeling? What has been your biggest challenge? Black coffee? No dessert? Feeling hungry? Still snacking a lot? Craving dessert after dinner? Are you sleeping well? Having headaches? Skin breakouts? Remember that timeline I shared last week? This week might be tough. MOST PEOPLE GIVE UP AROUND DAY 10. [...]

Sausage and cabbage is one of our favorite, EASY dinners. As most of you know, my husband does the cooking in our house. It's also just the 2 of us. Robbo is self trained ... Food.TV, books and YouTube .... he is an amazing chef! I am his sous chef. One tip from Robbo is [...]

I made my way through HEB, WalMart, Drug Emporium, Natural Grocers and Market Street looking for Whole 30 approved items. This is not even close to a complete list of W30 approved items. I hope it does show you that, even in Abilene, at our local grocery stores, you can find what you need to [...]

The Whole 30It Starts with FoodFood Freedom Forever (my FAVORITE)Whole 30 Day by Day Don't forget to follow Whole 30 on Facebook and Instagram!! Tons of support and recipes. Whole30 RecipesWhole30 ApprovedWhole Mama's Club Search Whole 30 on Instagram and you'll find W30 approved food brands, nutritionists, authors, bloggers, etc. for more Whole 30 support. Whole30 [...]

Whole 30 was developed by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. Melissa has taken over and is The Queen behind the program. Whole 30 is a 30 day elimination diet. It's clean eating at it's cleanest. This allows your body to heal itself. Inflammation goes away. There is gut healing. Toxins are eliminated. Things start to change. [...]

New year. New challenge. New beginnings. New blog. I've actually thought about starting a blog for awhile. I don't know where this blog will takes us, but I do know it will be focused on Whole 30 for the next month. I'll try to throw a few extra things in there just to prevent boredom. [...]