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New blog just in time for Whole 30.

New year. New challenge. New beginnings. New blog. I’ve actually thought about starting a blog for awhile. I don’t know where this blog will takes us, but I do know it will be focused on Whole 30 for the next month. I’ll try to throw a few extra things in there just to prevent boredom.

Have you been to the Whole 30 site yet? Have you done Whole30 before? I’d encourage you also follow me on Facebook. We can be friends and have our own community of support for all things W30, wellness, and OB/GYN related.

So, let’s jump right in to Whole 30. What is W30? It is a 30 diet lifestyle reset. 30 days of eating real, whole foods. 30 days to break old habits. 30 days to release your cravings. 30 days to change your relationship with food. 30 days to wellness.

Melissa Urban Hartwig (she is in the process of changing from Melissa Hartwig to Melissa Urban) is the cofounder and author of Whole30. She is an Upholder (like I am) …..

side note …. have you read Gretchen Rubin’s “The Four Tendencies”? Knowing your tendency helps give insight into how you might best make habit changes. Take this quiz: The Four Tendencies Quiz …..

Melissa is an Upholder, as am I. In Melissa’s book she takes a TOUGH LOVE approach to coaching you through W30. I know we don’t all respond well to tough love, but she makes some valid points.

Yes, W30 is hard. But, let’s remember, you are giving up sugar and bread. You are not coming off cocaine or fighting cancer. Yes, you can drink your coffee black. You have a choice to do W30 BIG and be all in and see the best results. Or, you can whine and cut corners and be sad when W30 “didn’t work for you.” Make a good choice. And decide before you start.

We start Monday, Jan 21. 30 days. Finishing Feb 19.

Tomorrow, I’ll review the basic rules of what Whole30 is …

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