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Now What?

Day 31.

Now what?

You’ve accomplished an amazing feat. Share your success story. Big or little.

Maybe your W30 didn’t yield the results you were hoping for. Did you follow ALL the rules? Did you do W30 or W21? Are you recovering from multiple symptoms / complaints? Serious health issues? Sometimes you need more that 30 days. Most people do not have to live W365, but sometimes W60 or W90 is what it takes. 

Were you hoping to lose more weight? This isn’t a quick weight loss plan.


Please don’t act like losing weight is your biggest life accomplishment.

For starters, you are so much more than the number on the scale. Secondly, Whole 30 is about healing. Healing your gut … which is showing more and more evidence that the gut is the epicenter of wellness and immunity. We are not all meant to be size 6. There should not be a goal number on that scale. Skinny is not always healthy.

I’ve been asked why I don’t have a six pack or why I’m not more ripped since I eat Paleo and do CrossFit. I’ve never been built that way. I have a pretty stable weight zone. It is HARD to get past that. I do struggle with body image. There are parts of me I don’t like. {Eye roll}. Sometimes I still want a six pack. Mostly, I just want to be comfortable wearing shorts. OK, and a bathing suit. I don’t talk about my age very often …. (mostly because people think I’m usually ten years younger than I really am … why spoil it for them?) I am 43. I wore shorts last summer. Sometimes you just do you. OWN IT. I do CrossFit and yoga. I’m recovering from a hip arthroscopy. I don’t have arthritis. I don’t have aches and pains (post op left hip can be a little achy …. still seeing PT and other modalities). I don’t do W30 for weight loss. I don’t eat Paleo to be ripped. I want to live a long, HEALTHY life, I want to age gracefully. I want to thrive in my existence.  I have been healed from asthma. My skin is clear (and dare I say glowing … at least some days. Ha!). My mood is stable. I have easy, regular periods without much fuss; MINIMAL PMS. It hasn’t always been like this. THIS is all because of nutrition and healthy living.

We should all be able to age while still being active, still learning new things, still exploring and taking adventures. I hate hearing people use age / getting older as their excuse. We can’t stop age, but don’t give in and let your body deteriorate faster than it should.  

Don’t disregard the non-scale victories.
Remember this list:

How do you feel?? Emotionally? Physically? Spiritually?

What have you learned this month? Hopefully you’ve learned some insight into how your body reacts to food. Maybe W30 has given you insight into your relationship with food. Maybe you’ve learned to see food as fuel and not just salt and sugar. Hopefully cravings are better … sugar cravings, comfort food cravings, dairy cravings. Maybe you’ve gained a revelation about how you use food to cope with stress. Maybe you’ve just learned about the social impact of eating and behavior.

Keep working on those behavior changes … Melissa Hartwig’s book Food Freedom Forever was immensely helpful!!! I’ve also read (and currently doing the Bible Study on The Bible App for the 2nd time) Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.

Be mindful of what’s next. Make a plan for what’s next. Maybe you will do W60. Maybe you will just introduce cream back in to your coffee. PPUuulllleeezzeeee do not go off the deep end and celebrate with pizza and Oreo’s and undo everything you’ve just worked so hard for! Research Primal and Paleo lifestyles. Those are  long term nutrition plans. Use W30 as your reset plan. Maybe during Bday week you do eat more grains and sugar than you’d like … do a Whole 7 to tame that Sugar Dragon.

FOOD IS NOT GOOD OR BAD. Every bite we take is a choice. If you choose to continue to eat healthy, whole foods, real foods, you are investing in your longevity and quality of life. But… If you do choose to eat cake, enjoy it. If the cake (or brownie or cereal or pizza) is worth it, enjoy without guilt or without a scorecard and know you have made that choice.

Keep going on your journey. Be slow to introduce some foods back into your diet. Robbo and I are follow Paleo eating principles (at least by the 80/20 rule). I won’t be quite as strict when going out to eat. I will eat Paleo pizza (Hello, Against the Grain Pesto Pizza!!!). I will make nachos with Siete chips. I love honey in my coffee and I miss BUTTER!!! The books Melissa Hartwig has written about W30 talks about this next step and introducing foods back into your system. Add things slowly so you can see how you respond.

All of this is intertwined … Self care. Self Love. Loving yourself where you are. Striving to be better everyday. Losing weight with healthy intentions. Loving your self in your own skin regardless of size. Being motivated to make better food choices.
Realizing that ** Health DOES NOTE EQUAL Skinny **. 
Practicing mindfulness and realizing that the choices you make today will impact your health and wellness over your entire life span.

Have I gotten off track?

Whole 30 is DONE! You are AMAZING!!!  Bask in the moment.  Think through where you were a month ago. Look at the Non-Scale Victory list. How many can you check? Without paying attention to the number on the scale …. how do your clothes fit? How do you feel? Share your stories!!!

I hope you continue to learn. I hope you continue to make healthy choices. I hope you have learned how to make educated choices. I hope you continue to heal yourself from the inside out. I hope you strive to live your best life and learn to thrive. Remember all that you have learned. Move forward with confidence, motivation and mindfulness. You can do ANYTHING! 

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