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What is a Shared Medical Appointment?

Shared Medical Appointments are office appointments led by Dr. Bullock with approximately 8 – 10 established patients. In our SMAs, there may be a variety of health history, concerns, ages, and goals. SMAs are approximately 60-90 min and will include education about health concerns, lifestyle medicine, and the elements of health and nutrition including a cooking demonstration and / or food tasting.

You will check in at the office just like a follow-up appointment. Carey will take vitals and a quick follow-up history. Then, we will convene as a group. Our groups will most likely remain diverse – meaning not everyone will have the same diagnosis. The advantage is that in Women’s Health, there is a lot of overlap, and nutrition and lifestyle choices are the basis for everyone optimizing their health and their hormones.


shared medical appointment

Studies have shown SMAs to be incredibly successful. They are time efficient for physicians and provide a new level of education and support for patients. Patients and doctors both report highly positive reviews of SMAs.


You are encouraged you to share your stories, your questions, your struggles. You are in no way obligated to share anything. Just remember, we all learn from each other.


Dr. Bullock will not address anything personally about your health history in the group.


You are free to share as you feel comfortable. Also, please respect each other’s privacy and do not discuss each other’s concerns outside this room. 


SMAs are open to all established office patients. You may attend any SMA and still have regular “private” office visits as needed.


Your insurance will be billed as a routine follow up office visit, CPT 10 code “99213.”

You may have a work / school excuse as this is a doctor’s office visit.


Dr. Bullock has an active calendar with Shared Medical Appointments and her cooking classes (…coming very soon …)

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