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Whole30 in April !!

Do you know about Whole30?

Have you successfully completed Whole30?

Have you started a Whole30 but didn’t finish?

Are you too afraid to try Whole30?

sauteed sausage, kale, sweet potatos and peppers

Well… let’s start at the beginning….


Whole30 is a 30 day HEALTH RE-SET. That’s the bottom line.

It is focused on eating whole foods for 30 days to allow your body to heal itself.

Whole30 will:

  • Balance your hormones
  • Decrease systemic inflammation
  • Improve your bodies bacteria and microbiome
  • Improve your sleep
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • and so much more!!!

We will do Whole30 together.

Dr.Bullock, Carey and  Llaquitta will do Whole30 the month of April with YOU!!!

Dr. Bullock will host weekly shared medical appointments, starting the last week of March, every week in April, and a final meeting the first week of May. 6 weeks total.

The first Whole30 SMA, March 29, Dr. Bullock will teach you about what Whole30 is, educate you about the guidelines of Whole30, and give you the tools to be prepared AND successful, so we can start Whole30 together April 1.

March 29: What is Whole30? We will discuss in detail all of the guidelines for Whole30. We will also talk about the biggest obstacles. This week is all about The Preparation. We will even talk about habits and our own struggles when it comes to making healthier choices. We will review the Whole30 calendar and talk about goals and expectations. Dr. Bullock has life hacks!

April 5: Week 1 of Whole 30. Every week we will share how we are doing. We will talk about what has been challenging and we will share our wins … no matter how small!! Dr. Bullock will have a recipe to share and taste. This week we will specifically talk about grocery shopping on Whole30. We’ll learn how to read ingredient labels. We will share our favorite Whole30 approved brands, snacks, etc and have some samples to try!

April 12: Week 2. More sharing! More struggles and more success stories. We will review the Whole30 calendar and check in how we are all feeling. Dr. Bullock will have a new recipe to share and taste. This week, we will go over tips and tricks on eating at restaurants. What to look for, how to order, and how not to be embarassed if you bring your own salad dressing to Cheddar’s. 😉

April 19: Week 3. By week 3, we are feeling pretty good and pretty proud of ourselves. But, we gotta keep the momentum! We will talk about how to make new lifelong habits. Another recipe with tasting. We will continue to discuss how to stay on track despite everything else around us. Meal planning. Meal prepping. Groceries. Restaurants. But it’s already Week 3 … We are going to make it!!!!

April 26: Week 4. The home stretch. The last few days … we are going to FINISH Whole30!!!! Dr. Bullock will have one more Whole30 recipe to share and taste. By now, we will all have success stories and be thriving. We will specifically address life after Whole30. What’s next? We will talk about reintroducing other foods back in to our diet, what to watch for, what to keep out, and how to keep feeling This.Good.

May 3: Whole30 is over. You are a Unicorn. You can change the world. You have done it. We have completed Whole30 together. We will review what we have learned about nutrition and behavior. We will continue to discuss long term health goals and how nutrition matters. We will review our before and after stories. And … we will all be encouraged to stay on a journey of eating real food, making healthy choices and how to feel our best!

This is the perfect way to learn more about Whole30.

This is the perfect way to try your first Whole30.

This is the perfect way to have a successful Whole30.

If you want a headstart … head over to Whole30. This website is an amazing resource and has an answer to EVERY Whole30 question. My favorite is the Whole30 calendar.

I would love for you to join us for all 6 weeks, but that is not a requirement. Come when you can.

Join us for the Whole30 Challenge even if you can’t make it to the SMA’s. This is still a great way to Just Do It!!!!

It Starts with Food
Whole30 Book
Food Freedom Forever

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